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Official State of California Smog Test Only Station

Regular Smog Check, Smog Test & Test Only Center 

 Smog Certification Smog Test Pacoima


We smog check & certify ALL vehicles required by the DMV for smog certification.   


      - Regular Smog Check
- Smog Test Only
- Gross polluter
- Out of State
- Change of Ownership
- Initial Registration
- Smog test Trucks RV's


  Did you receive your renewal notice and discovered it's asking for a  "smog inspection at a Test Only center" instead of a regular smog check! There is no need to worry! This just means that the state has chosen your car to be inspected at a special smog station. At a Test Only Center, where vehicles are only tested, no repairs or adjustments are allowed.

      So if it says, "SMOG Certification Required," or "SMOG Certification Required at a Test Only Center,"

ADVANCED SMOG TEST ONLY is the right place!   

                                               It only takes 15 minutes, we smog while you wait!


 Bring in your car today for a smog inspection or even if you donít need a test only and you need a regular smog check, or gross polluter we do them too!


We serve the city of Pacoima & all the San Fernando Valley!

We also offer smog discounts for business fleet, just come in or give us a call


Donít forget your "$20.00 dollars off" smog coupon, just print it out and take it with you cause its a big smog discount !


Smog Test Only Pacoima - Regular Smog Check - Gross Polluter - Smog Certification

Smog Certification - Gross polluter - Regular Smog Check - Smog Test Only Pacoima


Advanced Smog Test Only - is what Pacoima needs!


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